DOS emulation

Thursday 20.07.2017

In order to view old projects online, I've added DOS emulation to this site. This allows me to view the projects I worked on during the 90's within these pages. No more need for the hassle of downloading the applications and setting up DosBox.

In order to realize this I utilized em-dosbox, a JavaScript port of DosBox using the Emscripten toolchain. This allows you to do things like playing old MS-DOS games in your brwoser or running old computer viruses without harming your computer.

I could have used the Emularity frontend in order to simplify setup, which is the same system that Internet Archive uses, but I wanted a bit more control over how the application integrates with the page. This meant I had to figure out a lot of details on my own, including how to integrate the BrowserFS filesystem implementation with read-only ZIP overlays, mounting and so on.

Try it out