Treehouse VR TV

Wednesday 12.07.2017

I've been experimenting with VR and WebVR lately. This latest experiment are a giant television screen placed inside a treehouse. The treehouse is a model that I found made by Danny Bittman using Google Blocks.

I've picked some videos from YouTube for easy access, but you might also paste in any YouTube URL into the address input. This player currently only supports YouTube videos.

Because WebVR is not yet an industry standard, not all browsers have implemented support for it yet. Chrome supports the API, but does not support any of the hardware yet. Firefox Nightly is the only browser I've found that supports WebVR. There are some versions of Firefox that works better than others, and support are not neccessarily better with newer versions.

In order for the video to be loaded from an external server, you need to disable security in the browser. This is done by adding a command-line parameter. For Chrome this parameter is "--disable-web-security --user-data-dir". FireFox does not have support for this out of the box, so you'll either have to rebuild the browser from source, or rely on a plugin.

You might also run this application without a VR headset. You will then be able to look around by dragging the view with the mouse.

Try it out