Pages updated

Monday 07.01.2013

These pages has received a facelift. The design of these pages has remained the same since late 2009, and I din't like how the look anymore. I therefore decided to take some time and update the design of these pages. I've also taken the time to update the design using modern techniques. The page design is for example completely responsive, which means that the same page will be able to serve content to all devices from the high-end desktop user to a mobile phone. This was realized using the Amazium framework.

During this process I've also updated the pages to use the latest version of the CakePHP framework. This framework has changed a lot since I've used it last, and I therefore had to change a lot of the backend code.

Take a look at the screenshots below to see how the page design has changed since the last design. The last image shows how the new pages look on a mobile device.