About me

I am a Norwegian software engineer currently living and working in Trondheim. This site is where I post information about the projects I work on, mostly personal, and some professional projects as well.

I enjoy making software and solving problems, where I am always on the lookout for the ultimate solution. My strength lies in being able to see simple solution for complex problems. When doing software development, I like to create systems as effective and easy to use as possible, be it either frontend or backend. I always strive to hold myself in front of the technical evolution, and is the go-to guy when technical questions occur. My primary interest and expertise lies in Java / JavaScript and their connected technologies.

Please drop me a message at stig@vangen.org if you have any inquiries or questions.

My topics of interest

  • User interface experience and design
  • Game development
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mobile device software development
  • Web and emerging technologies
  • Real-time rendering


These pages started out as a showcase webpage for products made by Stig Runar Vangen. The total number of products gradually increased as time passed. In addition to these product presentations, a blog was continuously written presenting my progress with various projects. Unfortunately all of this material was available in Norwegian only, something which greatly reduced the target audience. Still these webpages was visited mostly by non-Norwegians. To accomodate to this situation, it was decided to replace these Norwegian only pages with a new webpage in English.

Most of the software on these pages were made by one man only, and were made just for the fun of it. These simple projects made a foundation for larger projects, for which there are more information available on these pages.

Some videos I've made


Views expressed on these pages are my own and not necessarily those of my employer.