Added search functionality

Sunday 29.11.2009

Search functionality have been added to these pages. It is now possible to search through the wast amount of material available on this site.

More content and better language switching

Friday 20.11.2009

I've added some information on more of the projects that I've worked on at Funcom. That list should now be complete as far as I remember. In addition I've changed how the language switcher for these webpages work slightly. When you selected language earlier, you were sent to the front page of that section. Now you remain at the same page whenever language changes. This does not apply for the blog, as those entries does not have both languages. Older entries are in norwegian only, while newer are in english only.

More functionality and content

Saturday 14.11.2009

I've added a new filter for projects, namely what technology a project uses. This will for example make it easier to find all projects I've worked on that uses Java.

In addition I've added a few more projects I've worked on. There will be more of these as I'll be gathering screenies and such.

Updated web pages

Thursday 12.11.2009

I've finally had time to update these webpages. The update has included a completely new design, converting the content that were there over to a nice CSS layout. I also decided to throw out all the code behind the page and use an existing framework. After trying out a few frameworks I found one that I really fell in love with, CakePHP.

CakePHP is a MVC framework that looked very promising from the start. While I was making these pages I run into some of problems, but the framework came to the rescue every time. I highly recommend it to everyone thinking of making a webpage.