Motify logo

Tuesday 12.06.2012

The Diagram library has been named "Motify".

When we were looking for a logo for Motify, we used the service LogoMyWay. This is a service where logos are designed through a design competition. The customer who wants a logo give a bid on how much they want to pay for a logo. The service has lots of registered designers that in turn sends in proposed logos to the client. The client in turn judges and ranks the entries. The designer that designs the top ranked entry will then get the initial bid.

The result of this competition can be seen here:

We gave a bid of $300, in the lower part of their price scale, and ended up with 189 entries. An overwhelming amount of proposals in every form and color, which resulted in us spending a lot of time judging these entries against each other. In the end we selected the logo presented under.

Diagram text selection

Monday 11.06.2012

Adding text to figures has become a lot easier. We've added support for selecting text within the text area. This allows for removing larger blocks of text quickly. In addition to copying figures we now also has support for copying the text within the figures. This gives us the possibility to copy text from one text area to an another. To top it all off, we also added support for the cut operation so that we have the triage of modification operations complete.

Diagram endpoint styles

Friday 01.06.2012

To further expand on our customization options we have added additional settings for line endpoints. To begin with, we only supported line styles from a set list of styles. In additional we now support changing the type of endpoint individually.

The list of possible endpoints will be expanded as we add more diagram styles. UML and ERM will be added shortly, with more line styles and figure types following.