Updated Gold Down Under

Tuesday 31.05.2011

I've worked on improving Gold Down Under a little. For this updated version I've added sounds, particle effects and native resolution for the output game. The size of the game screen is hardcoded within the ForPlay library, which caused me to have to change these values in the library source, and then recompile the game using the updated sources. Let's hope the guys at Google fixes this problem soon.

Gold Down Under

Sunday 29.05.2011

Another compo, another entry. This weekend I participated in Mini Ludum Dare #26. I called this game Gold Down Under. The game is a simple Bejeweled clone with a small twist. Instead of letting the play area be filled up when you remove gems, you will instead scroll down when the top row gets empty. The goal is then to reach the bottom of the hole.

Updated Nitro Racer

Wednesday 04.05.2011

I've made an updated version of Nitro Racer that does not crash if you are using an another browser that Firefox. There was a problem in how the sound was loaded and played back that caused problems when loading the game. I've also added a fix for Chrome that accured when low on health. A clip region of height zero caused Chrome to crash, while Firefox simply did not draw anything. There were also some problems related to the lap progression detection. The hit zones were way too small, and in some cases you would miss these predefined zones. These have been increased in size and moved slightly around.

Nitro Racer

Monday 02.05.2011

This weekend has been filled with gamemaking again. I've participated in Ludum Dare #20, which resulted in an overhead racer with a twist. Instead of trying to keep your opponents as far away from you as possible, you will in this game need to keep them close. I called this game Nitro Racer at the beginning of the competition, but I never ended up putting nitros in the game. That would make no sense when you consider that you need to keep your speed down anyway.