Diagram figure groups

Tuesday 31.01.2012

In addition to functions for style and drawing for WIS Diagram, I've also added some new figure types. These figures shows elements like documents, database and arrows. These new figures are placed in its own group. With time we'll add more groups with various types of elements.

Diagram gradient

Monday 30.01.2012

Yet another function added to the WIS Diagram application is support for shadow and gradient. These functions are currently only toggable, but this functionality will be extended with time. Using these simple effects greatly improves the look of the drawing, and the end result turns a lot more professional looking.

Move Diagram line text

Thursday 26.01.2012

Functionality has been added to WIS Diagram to move text attached to a line piece. This is done through selecting the select tool and drag the text that is positioned on top of the line.

While moving the text one will see a red cross marking the closest position on the line. This cross shows the fractional position of the text in relation to the line, a percentage value that won't change until you move the text again. When the line piece change size, for example by changing the position of its end points, this text will remain at the same relative position shown by this cross.

Diagram multiselect

Monday 23.01.2012

One of the latest features of WIS Diagram is selection of several figures. This is done by first selecting the select tool. Drag the mouse cursor over the draw area to make a red rectangle. All figures completely covered within its border will be selected.

When one looks a the toolbar while doing this selection, one will see that the values here will be updated based on the selected figures. If the selected figures has different values, standard values will be used. This also works the other way, so that properties selected from the toolbar will be reflected on all the selected figures.

In addition there is functionality to move all selected figures at the same time. When more that one figure is selected, and one starts to drag one of these, all figures will move the same distance. Functions like scaling and rotation will not work while doing a multiselection however.

Updating Diagram

Monday 16.01.2012

I am currently working on WIS Diagram, which is a part of the process-module within Wisweb. One of the most important updates in the coming version is an active toolbar where the properties of the elements in the toolbar gets updated based on what figure you've selected in the drawing. This feature will make it easier to see what properties you've assigned to a given figure. One of the coolest features here are buttons that show the current color as a line at be bottom of the button below the button icon.